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រចនាក៏ប្លែក ពណ៌ក៏អេម គុណភាពក៏ខ្ពស់ អ្នកការពារទូរសព្ទ័ដ៏មានទំនុកចិត្ត UAG Civilain មានរកបាននៅហាង UFOSTORE / Sombok it Store

  • Civilian Series protective cases are engineered to dampen and disperse the energy created when a mobile device collides with another surface. Our patent pending, lab-tested design, is created by layering two shock-absorbing materials with a dynamic hexagon pattern. We call it HyperCush.
  • Impact resistant bumpers
  • Shock absorbing soft core
  • Oversized tactile buttons & easy access to touchscreen and ports

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iPhone 11 Pro 5.8"

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